MSRP: $399.95

For ripping females that want a proper deck, the Lime Lite is an all-terrain freestyle machine with a lightweight core that lowers the swingweight of the board and increases edge-to-edge response. Testers applauded the correlating performance on jumps, stating that, Its stiff nature provides good pop and a strong feel on landings, but noted that, Presses and jibs could be easier with a softer flex. Still, with camber between the bindings and rocker in the tip and tail, the Lime Lite proved a satisfying mix of responsiveness and fluidity. It’s a predictable ride suited for the entire resort.

Board Specs & Features:

Length (cm) – Waist Width (cm)

138 — 23.6
142 — 23.8
146 — 24.0
149 — 24.2
153 — 24.5

Flex: 6/10

Camber: Combination Camber Baseline

Base: Extruded

Shape: True Twin

(Flex is not standardized and differs by brand. The rating here is the best estimate of the board’s flex.)

Testers Said: Its stiff nature provides good pop and a strong feel on landings.

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Good Wood 2019 presented by

Buying a new snowboard shouldnt be an arduous task. But with hundreds of options to choose from, narrowing down options can be an overwhelming process. The internal struggle boils down to the reality that these things arent cheap. With that in mind, Good Woods intent has always been to best serve you in your quest to purchase the deck most deserving of your money. This season, our diverse crew of testers returned to the steeps of Snowbird, Utah for the all-mountain category and the progressive features of Carinthia at Mount Snow, Vermont for the park division. In the end, we came back with a collection of boards that are worthy of TransWorlds esteemed Good Wood stamp of approval.

How The Boards Are Scored

Shortly after ripping laps on each model, our testers score the board based on a comprehensive set of characteristics that include edgehold, pop, swingweight, turn initiation, stability, and flex. The scorecards for the park and all-mountain categories of the test each have unique and specific criteria designed to pinpoint the strengths and weakness of a snowboard in the setting respective to its category. Beyond the quantifiable scoring, we also ask testers to comments on each facet of the board’s performance. These notes we refer to extensively when writing each review. Dive into the results and see what performed for our testers, then find what will work for you.

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