As snowboarders, traveling to some far off destination to strap in is just about as good as it gets. New terrain, the ever-present possibility of deep snow, and the beauty of travel are only a few of the reasons we scrape together pennies and eat far too many PB&J’s in anticipation of our next trip. But that’s not to say that traveling to ride is all glitz and glam. Anyone who has traveled through an airport or two with a board bag can attest to its innate difficulty.

Snowboarding requires a lot of equipment. Avoid airport hassles and travel stress-free to your next snow-filled destination with Ship Skis. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

So, what if we were to tell you that there was another way to still rip laps in a foreign location without all the hassle of hoofing your gear? Enter Ship Skis, a service designed to lighten the load of those who are always planning their next trip to a far-off mountain.

Let the professionals do the heavy lifting on your next trip to ride. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

With prices starting at $39.99, real-time tracking, and guaranteed delivery times, Ship Skis is a user-friendly service offering a stress-free alternative for your next mountain getaway. Simply log in to, fill out the required fields, pack up your gear in either your board bag or an adequate shipping box, print and attach the provided shipping label, and set a pick-up time or drop everything off at a local retail store. Ship Skis will get your gear to your choice of final destination, whether that’s your mountain-side condo, the local board shop, or your friend’s friend with the couch you plan to crash on. The bottom line? Ship Skis skip the stress  that often comes hand in hand with travel by allowing the professionals to deal with the important task of ensuring your gear arrives on time.

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Don’t let travel’s hassles get in the way of fresh tracks in a new location, try Ship Skis on your next trip and make your adventure worry-free. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

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