From champagne powder chasing to late-spring corn harvesting, testers raved over the Swifts propensity for smooth, surf-inspired turning regardless of snow conditions. The only board in Never Summers Shaper Series in a split configuration, the Swift proved more versatile than its pointed nose and tapered swallow tail suggested. Sure, it undoubtedly excelled in the deep stuff, but perhaps no other split in the test provided as many late season ear-to-ear grins and end of the day high fives as this one. The Vario Power Grip sidecut combined with Carbon X stringers in the midsection makes the Swift nimble, powerful, and one of the most enjoyable turning experiences out there.

Splitboard Features & Details

  • Fusion Rocker Camber profile
  • Vario Power Grip sidecut
  • Carbon X stringers
  • Aluminum tip/tail protection
  • MSRP $1,040.00

Rad: Thanks to its surfy personality, turning has never been so satisfying.

Bad: One of the heavier splitboards tested.


Part of Never Summer’s reputable Shaper Series, the Swift is just as much fun to turn in its split form. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen


Voile tip locks kept the Swift tight and aligned under foot. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Never Summer’s Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base had our testers making quick descents. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

A massive carbon X in the midsection provides plenty of stability. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Never Summer has their own in-house clips installed on the Swift split. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Testers found that Never Summer’s signature Coextruded Polymer Topsheet helped limit the amount of snow build-up when skinning. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

The Fusion Rocker Camber Profile created a surf-inspired ride that was geared toward smooth, arcing carves in any conditions. This thing was a blast to turn on deep days and corn days alike. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

The tapered shape possesses a prominent swallowtail, helping to keep things afloat when the snow stacks up. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

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