SALEM, Ore.– Jan. 26, 1998–Morrow Snowboards has announced the introduction of the Engage3, a new three-point, step-in snowboard boot and binding system.

The new product is now showing at all major industry trade shows and will be available for 1998-99 season delivery.

A three-year development project, the system was designed by Rob and Neil Morrow, founders of Morrow Snowboards, to optimize the amount of response, support and flexibility a rider achieves when snowboarding. Rigorous on-snow testing during the development period brought the prototype to reality in late 1997.

The Engage3 system combines a three-point binding attachment with a boot that integrates a tension response highback with an internal tie down harness. The system was designed to enhance riding style rather than require riders to change their style. Engage3 boots, the O9 and S7, are made with a new, proprietary liner shape that cups the heel, supports the arch, and when heated, custom forms to the rider’s foot shape. This liner rests on a full length, cushy and durable midsole. The internal highback can be locked into a supportive position for riding or a loosened position for hiking and walking.

“It has everything I need, a highback that is more responsive and doesn’t dig, and an ankle strap that is more responsive and doesn’t squeeze. Other than it being better, it rides just like a regular binding,” said Rob Morrow. The Unit E3 binding has a three-point binding connection which offers direct toe-to-heel response, lateral support and medial flex that improves upon conventional strap binding performance.

The ease of engagement of the Engage3 System was a byproduct of the intense search for the best boot/binding system for Morrow’s engineers and designers. Rob and Neil worked with many team riders to find the best solution.

“I’m over conventionals. There’s no better way to attach your foot to the board,” said Alex Warburton, R & D test team rider.

“I was one of the many people that said they would never ride step-in and I have been proven wrong. You can rip down hardpack, hit a kicker and do a method that will make your year,” said Billy Anderson, one of Morrow’s professional team riders.

The new Engage3 system will be on display beginning with the SIA Snow Show in Salt Lake City, January 25-31. It can also be viewed at SBJ in Tokyo, Japan January 26-28; ISPO in Munich, Germany February 1-4; NSIA in Montreal, Quebec February 12-18 and SIA in Las Vegas March 2-6.