Pro Setups: Spencer Schubert

TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll 16 Men’s Rookie Of The Year Nomination

Spencer Schubert is a 22-year-old whos been steadily popping up on shred scene for his fluidity and hammer street tricks. Hes a man of few words, and much like his riding style, he likes to cut to the chase. Of all the snowboard gear out there, Schubert says his favorite thing is his beanie, because he wears one on and off hill. He also favors bibs over regular pants especially in super snowy-times, because they help to keep the snow out of his crack. While this young gun hasnt been in the limelight for too long, he says the only part of his vibe thats changed are his shirt and socks. My shirts have gotten shorter, and I usually loose one sock, I don’t know where the others go On slope, his style is on-point, which helped earn him a Riders’ Poll nod for Rookie of the Year. 

DOB: 1/25/1993

Height: 6′

Home Mountain: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Stance: Goofy, 22 inches wide, angles always changing based on what I’m riding.

Sponsors: Ride, ThirtyTwo, Dragon, Howl, Drink Water

Jacket: Thirtytwo Ashland Jacket $280

Pants: ThirtyTwo Basement Bib Pant $220

Board: Ride Crook $400

Boots: Thirtytwo, PAS LO CUT $200

Bindings: Ride Rodeo LTE $250

Goggles: Dragon NFX 2 $180

Mitts: HOWL Vintage $79

Beanie: Drink Water $20

Flannel: Thirtytwo Rest Stop $75

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