About RIDE Snowboards:

We have 26 years of experience in manufacturing snowboard equipment, making questionable business decisions, enjoying pow days, losing lawsuits, trespassing and hangovers. We create innovative and exciting equipment for the most demanding snowboarders, period.


Mtn Pig

MSRP: $580
Sizes: 155, 159, 162, 160W, 164W
With its blunted shape and half-moon tail, the MTN Pig is up for anything. This all-mountain snowboard features a Tapered Directional Hybrid Camber with rocker in the tip for deep snow performance and camber all the way to your rear contact points for edges you can depend on when conditions firm up. Our engineers rode the MTN Pig exhaustively to ensure that when you hopped on, youd have the ride of your life thanks to vibration damping Carbon Slimewalls that work alongside Carbon Array 5 Laminates to enhance edge-to-edge response and pop. An amped up all-mountain variation to our popular WARPIG, the MTN Pig is designed for a stiffer, faster ride from top to bottom that will float in deep snow and hold an edge when things get sketchy.


MSRP: $460
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Serving up ample amounts of fun with its proven Tapered Directional Rocker shape, the WarPig is shorter, wider, and more maneuverable for a board that performs in the park and will still float like a board twice its size. Our Slimewalls serve to protect your investment with the durability of urethane by absorbing impact damage to your edges, as well as reducing vibration that makes boards chatter at high speeds. Some may be fine merely defending awesome, but this pig is built to slay the entire mountain and awesome doesnt stand a chance.

Twin Pig

MSRP: $410
Sizes: 142, 148, 151, 156W, 157
The TwinPig is a WARPIG built specifically for freestyle riding. The shape of the all-new TWINPIG is shorter, wider and more maneuverable for ninja-like freestyle maneuvers anywhere on the mountain. The TWINPIG includes Roll-In Slimewalls and Cleave Edge Steel edges to take the abuse of freestyle riding and features a Foundation Core for a softer, forgiving freestyle flex. The TWINPIG is a park-focused deck that packs all the fun of our WarPig into a new twin shape.

LTD Binding

MSRP: $280
Colors: Black, Snake
Sizes: M, L, XL
The LTD binding is the only binding in our line that offers the Infinity Chassis combined with a Slimeback highback. The Slimeback highback makes the LTD a more responsive freestyle binding with the vibration damping properties of urethane, while our Aluminum Infinity Chassis System and is backed by a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking. Your feet will feel comfortable and secure thanks to the NEW! Two Piece Strap, ThinGrip Max Toe Straps, and Wedgie Footbeds help you avoid stress and injury by aligning your knees into a more ergonomically correct position for snowboarding. The LTD is a high performance binding designed for a rider looking for responsive, high-end freestyle performance.


MSRP: $330
Colors: Black
Sizes: 7-13 (8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5)
The Fuse boot is a fusion of technical features and comfort. Traditional shell lacing is combined with Tongue Tied BOA Closure System that allows you to close the tongue with a side-mounted reel to securely hold your heel. An Intuition Mobile Foam liner provides the best in heat-moldable fit, support, and comfort, while a full rubber toe cap combines style and durability. As a stiffer flexing freestyle boot, the Fuse is a team favorite and is an ideal choice for the rider looking for a responsive freestyle boot that combines the versatility of laces with the secure hold of BOA.


MSRP: $350
Colors: Black, Brown
Sizes: 7-13 (8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5)
The Deadbolt keeps the good things inside with its Tongue Tied BOA Focus Closure System and Intuition Mobile Foam Wrap Liner. The new Tongue Tied BOA Focus Closure System gives you the heel hold of our Tongue Tied system with the precise fit in two zones of the BOA Focus Closure System and, when combined with our wrap liner construction, builds additional stability into the boot to create seamless comfort. The Intuition Mobile Foam Wrap Liner is a heat moldable dual-density foam that provides a performance fit that doesnt interfere with your freedom of movement. The new Michelin Fiberlite will keep you on your feet when hiking is required and a +Slime Midsole ensures your feet will be comfortable and supported.


MSRP: $500
Sizes: 143, 147, 151, 154
The Hellcat is designed for a serious snowboard for advanced all-mountain snowboarders. The Tapered Directional Hybrid Camber shape has rocker in the tip for float in deep snow and camber from the end of the rocker zone to the rear contact points to keep your edges engaged on hard pack and ice. Combine this with the response and pop of Carbon Array 5 Laminates and Carbon Slimewalls and the Hellcat snowboard is equipped for freestyle performance. The Hellcat also features Roll-In Slimewalls for high-speed vibration damping and Cleave Edge Steel edges for added durability against snow covered obstacles.


MSRP: $290
Colors: Black
Sizes: 5 -10 (6.5 7.5 8.5)
The Karmyn is a stiffer flexing, womens specific, all-mountain freestyle boot with a hassle-free lacing system. The Tongue Tied Focus Closure System wont steal your friends, but it may make them jealous thanks to a lacing system gives you the heel hold of our Tongue Tied system with the precise fit in two zones of the BOA Focus Closure System. The Closer lace guide disperses lace tension across the entire boot to eliminate pressure points and the Michelin Fiberlite sole is built for lightweight performance on snow and ice. The Karmyn will perform anywhere on the mountain, but is designed for a female rider looking for a stiffer flexing freestyle snowboard boot.


MSRP: $230
Colors: Black, Love
Sizes: S, M
With a name like the DVA, a stellar performance is almost mandatory and this binding doesnt disappoint. An Aluminum Edge Chassis System with Adjustable Heelcup ensures that this binding holds up to the abuse of all types of riding. Its also backed by a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking. A womens-specific Slimeback highback gives it a slightly softer feel for freestyle performance and absorbs vibration thanks to the damping properties of urethane. The Freestyle Ankle Strap and ThinGrip Plus Toe Strap provide comfort and security, while the lightweight linkage Ratchets provide a smooth, frictionless entry and exit.


MSRP: $450
Sizes: 138, 142, 146, 150
The OMG will keep things interesting on the mountain thanks to the pop and responsiveness provided by the LSD Carbon Slimerods 2.0 and high-speed vibration is eliminated by our Roll-in Slimewalls. The Asymmetrical Twin Hybrid Camber gives you an asymmetric sidecut to improve heelside turn initiation and control, while the rocker in the nose and tail provides just enough float for deeper days and camber between rocker zones keeps your edges dug in on ice and hard pack. All these great qualities make the OMG a mid-flexing park dominator for intermediate to advanced riders.

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