Testers found the Mirage to be a true oasis of comfort and peak performance. They raved over the ease and functionality in which the tool-free Micromax system allowed for making seemingly limitless, no-fuss changes on the fly, while the lightweight yet durable ratchets locked boots down with utmost confidence. As part of Salomons ShadowFit family, which receives an overhaul across the entire line this season, the Mirage incorporates urethane heelcups that were unfathomably flexible and bulletproof thanks to the innovative Kevlar Quickwire system. The result is an anatomical fit, which lies at the intersection of torsional flex and longitudinal rigidity.

Binding Features & Details

  • ShadowFit baseplate
  • Micromax adjustments
  • Canted footbeds
  • Integrated Mounting System
  • MSRP $250.00

Rad: A unique binding experience that blends soft torsional flex with longitudinal rigidity.

Bad: May not please the rider who likes a traditionally stiffer binding.

No mirage heretesters called this binding the oasis of comfort and performance. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Asymetrical ankle straps provided support while still allowing for a generous amount of tweakability. Testers also found the durable ratchets to be efficient and durable. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Testers praised the ease of use made possible by the Micromax tool-free adjustment system. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Because of the soft-flexing, urethan heelcups, testers found the Mirage to be a unique feeling binding that blended soft torsional flex with longitudinal rigidity. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Salomon’s exclusive ShadowFit baseplates create a natural-flexing package that doesn’t skimp on performance, while the canted footbeds minimized fatigue. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

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