Say goodbye to the summer blues, for winter is nearly here. Just yesterday Jackson Hole received their first snow of the season, and we are ready to ride. So, in honor of pre-season preparations, we have rounded up five essential items for tuning your snowboard to ensure you are ready for the slopes when the lifts spin. From wax to iron, vices, and scrapers, we have you covered for the coming season’s tuning needs. Make sure to check back in for another Collected next week for more of our favorite products as winter’s start draws near.

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Oneball Jay Waxing Iron

You’re going to need a solid iron if you really want to dial in your snowboard for a fast ride. The Oneball Jay Waxing Iron has a wider surface area for increased ease when waxing a snowboard and a temperature specific dial to easily lock in the correct temperature for your given wax. Simple and straight to the point, you don’t need anything else when it comes to the perfect iron.

All Temp Fluorinated Haul Ass Wax

Like to haul ass? Grab yourself some All Temperature Fluorinated Haul Ass Wax for a fast ride in any condition. Not to mention they are scented with a pleasant banana aroma for increased tuning pleasure.

Burton Tuning Vices

You’re going to want a solid set of vices for your work zone. The Burton Tuning Vices are snowboard specific and offer increased stability for dialing in your edges and laying down a solid scrape once waxed up. Oh, and they also have a hidden bottle opener so you can easily crack a cold one while you work. Save time, and energy this season.

Dakine Deluxe Tune Kit

The Dakine Deluxe Tune Kit is the one stop shop for all of the little nick-knacks and tools you’ll need once you’ve gotten your board properly waxed up. From tuning and filing your edges, to scraping, waxing, and polishing, this easy to pack kit will take you the remainder of the way from waxing to ripping.

DPS Phantom Wax

Developed by a team of chemists and material science engineers, Phantoms patent-pending formula creates a hydrophobic environment that offers three undeniable benefits via, an advanced free radical polymerization approach. In laymans terms, Phantom is applied once, penetrates the base of your snowboard and lasts forever. Yes, you read that right. Phantom only has to be applied once. Unlike wax, which stays on the outside of your base and wears off quickly, Phantom penetrates the base and will continue to provide glide even after you grind your base down through multiple tunes.

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