Style Guide : Season Long Standards

For all you girls still charging the mountains, powder hunting, or hitting the prime of your winter season, here is the gear that will get you through any sort of weather, while keeping you comfortable in both fit and style. Though it may be that time of year where shops are short on stock, this style guide can help at anytime. You never know when youre going to come across that perfect piece of gear. 

Hopefully this collection of jackets, pants, base layers, and more will help in understanding what makes a good staple item that can be layered up or down for anytime of the season.

Here we wanted to focus on jackets with a mid-weight insulation ranging from 40 to 100 grams for that perfect bit of warmth, a high rating of waterproofness for when you’re waist deep in powder, but breathable for when those turns really make you sweat. 

According to the waterproof rating system (which is measured in millimeters and can often be found on the item itself or its information tag) 6,000mm to 10,000mm is considered waterproof under light pressure such as light rain and snow. The higher end of that spectrum is always better and more common amongst snowboard jackets and pants. Aiming for the higher number is always a better bet for staying dry and therefore happy on hill. 11,000mm to 15,000mm is considered waterproof under moderate rain and average snow where as anything above 16,000mm can keep you dry under heavy rain and wet snow. 

Breathability (which is measured in grams and often following the waterproof rating) depends on your level of activity. If youre just lapping the mountain, hitting lifts and taking breaks, than a rating of 5,000 to 8,000 is probably good for you. For those hiking around or really breaking a sweat having a breathability rating of 10,000 and up can do you wonders.


Ride’s Marion Jacket

L1’s Hellcat Military Jacket 

PWDR Room’s City Jacket 

Airblaster’s Workpony Jacket


Nikita’s Penrose Pant 

Airblaster’s My Brother’s Pant 

Holden’s Women’s Skinny Standard Pant 


Airblaster’s Ninja Suit 

Dakine’s Coco Crew 

Dakine’s Coco Pant 


Volcom’s Toller Pullover Fleece 

PWDR Room’s Cascade Hoodie

Van’s Vandalize Pullover Hoodie 


Dakine Women’s Thinline Sock 

Vans Medium Weight Sock 


Coal’s Roberta Beanie 

Coal’s The Woods Scarf 

Airhole’s AT1 Standard Airtube Featherlite


Burton’s Favorite Leather Mitt 

Celtek’s Neptune Glove 

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