Winter is here. We’ve been saying it, and as long as you don’t live under a rock you’ve been experiencing it, but damn, it’s getting deep! While the totals are piling up all across the country, certain lucky zones have been seeing a bit more. The Wasatch region, and in particular Snowbird, Utah, is of the latter variety.

Snowbird got gifted with a solid 75 inches over the last seven days, and they are currently looking at another foot forecasted to drop tonight. To put that in perspective, Snowbird’s average seasonal snowfall is 500 inches, currently, they are at 281 inches and it’s in only mid-January. What’s more, February and March have historically been their snowiest months. It doesn’t take a degree in mathematics to know that means ample pow days and lots of good snow in the near future. Book your trip now and make sure to get in on the fun.

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