Pat Moore and Chelsie Stegmiller are an ultimate adventure duo. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the couple spends much of their year traversing the great outdoors: snowboarding in the winter months, mountain biking in the summer, and skating as much as possible. Whenever the couple has downtime, its usually not spent lounging as much as hopping in the truck in search of hiking routes, single track, and of course, powder days, always with their pup, Murphy, in tow. While the duos shared love of being outside has already brought them to epic locations from the Wasatch to the Sierra and beyond, this past year, Pat and Chelsie dropped in on their first adventure mobilea pop-up camper that can house their bikes, skateboards, snowboards (and any other necessary toys), and carry them and Murphy to any outdoor playground in North America. They hit the open road immediately, going west to Mammoth Mountain in the spring, and then, as the temperatures rose, embarking on a mountain biking and skating adventure in Canada. Unfortunately, partway through summer, Chelsie broke her leg, cutting their trek short, but the couple is resourceful and they havent let Chelsies injury slow them down, instead focusing on her rehab so they can take next trip ahead. Now that the mercury is dropping and fall is in the air, Pat and Chelsie are hoping to hit the road at least one more time before the snow really starts to fall. We checked in with them on the perks of spending time on the open road and in open spaces, as well as how close you can grow with another person when your bathroom is basically part of your kitchen.
Mary Walsh

Pat, Chelsie and Murphy outside their rig. Photo provided.


Pat: Our Camper is a 2013 Palomino Bronco 1251 and it sits in the bed of my truck.
Chelsie: A 2012 GMC Sierra.


Chelsie: Pat and I wanted something just big enough to fit mountain bikes, skateboards, snowboards and surfboards, but small enough make me limit the amount of shoes and clothes I can pack. We wanted something that was stealth looking on the truck, that allowed us to feel more as if we were camping, and something that didnt cost more than our house. So, we landed on the pop top Palomino! Its rad to have our mobile house attached to our vehicle at all timeswhen were out at the skatepark, mountain biking, or doing whatever were doing, we have all the things we need right there and our dog Murph loves to hang out in it!

To Baldface and beyond! Photo provided by Chelsie Stegmiller.

Pat: I like that you can take the camper on and off your truck. Its pretty simple to do and that way you can still use your truck like normalthe camper is there just for when you want it. Another big thing for me was I didnt want to tow anything, weve been able to drive on some crazy dirt roads without any stress. 


Pat: This is our first one, so we went pretty stock to see how wed like it. I did a few months of research and went with ours because it was a decent, entry level camper. I think the dream would be to build a custom one like Desiree [Melancons] or Tim Eddys. Our stock Palomino is rad, but I would love to have something with better storage for snowboard gear and a hard shell for winter camping. Theres a lot of stuff you just dont know and dont think about until you are out using your camper. 

Two people, three bikes.

Chelsie: Our first go with it we lasted about a month and a week living out of it driving around Canada before I broke my leg and landed myself in the hospital, but we learned a lot and have so many ideas for what we want to change to fine tune our set up. We put a killer sticker job on the back of it, got a pretty functional swinging bike rack that fits my DH mountain bike, my enduro mountain bike, and Pats mountain bike. In the future, we want to get storage for the roof, and also we would love to have a roof that we could turn into a deck, however that will require us to get a new camper. 


Pat: Our camper is fully stock but theres some cool parts to it. The bed flips up and thats where we store all of our clothes. Theres a full shower and toilet inside. With it being a pop up, the sides are fabric and you can unzip almost all of it to just screens. Thats a handy feature cause you eat a lot of beans while campin!

Chelsie: The bathroom does get awkward at times when one of us is in the kitchen cooking and the other is using the facilities.Needless to say, Pat and I have become much closer while using the camper. 

A moving bathroom with a view.


Pat: Going from completely unpacked to sealed up for a drive takes a little bit, usually half an hour at least. When we park for the night you gotta pop the camper up, which involves a short check list like unfolding the bike rack, unhooking the stairs, cranking the top up and setting up the door. With how our packing was this summer, we had to unpack almost everyday because we had all of our bike gear, snowboard gear, skateboards, Murphs toys, etc. We just had a lot of stuff in a small space, but we made it work. 

Chelsie: The best part about living out of an adventuremobile is that were forced to spend most of our time outside. Its super small. Like really, really small. I think I rode my bike 25 out of 30 days on our trip and the days I didnt ride it we skated at some insane skateparks we passed by. It snowed on us once at Banff, but we fortunately have gas and electricity to keep us warm at night!


Pat: So far, weve had two major trips. First, we took it to Mammoth for Superpark, which was really fun! We camped at a few different spots out there, but probably my favorite night was with a huge crew out by the hot springs. Our other trip was this summer; we went on a couple-month mountain biking trip up through interior BC to the coast. We stopped in Nelson, Revelstoke, Banff and Lake Louise, then we ripped west to Pemberton and Whistler.

Chelsie: Oh man. Our road trip this summer is something I will remember for the rest of my life. We left from Salt Lake City, drove through Wyoming and stopped at the Travis Rice trailer park, then proceeded through Teton national park, Yellowstone, and up through Montana. Glacier National park was insane, but Canada in the summer really blew my mind. Weve fallen in love with Nelson, BC and thanks to Jeff [Pensiero] at Baldface we were able to drive up to the lodge and spend the night, it was so peaceful! The sunset was out of this world. We went on an insane mountain bike ride, and then proceeded up to Banff, Canmore (the skatepark there was so sick), Lake Louise, Golden, and Revelstoke. The mountain biking in Revelstoke was pretty unreal also. From there we started cruising toward the coast, hitting Pemberton, whistler bike park, Squamish (where I probably had one of the funnest days mountain biking ever), and then to Bellingham Washington where my luck ran dry and I was awarded a new titanium rod in my leg. That was the last time that I spent the night in the camper. 

Pat: Unfortunately, our trip got cut off short. But either way it was an amazing trip. I would say my favorite part was either biking in the Banff mountains or in Squamish. Ive spent a lot of time up there in the winter but to see how beautiful it is in the summer is all time!

Imagine the views at Travis Rice’s trailer park.


Pat: We are hoping to hit Moab before the winter starts and do some exploring, and then the options for next summer are endless.
Chelsie: I wont be able to do high impact sports for the rest of this year so itll be cool to travel in the camper with a different perspective of what my priorities are. I would eventually like to get something that better suits us, but that may be further down the road when I get a new truck. It would be nice to have something thats more efficient, like a light weight Four Wheel camper for a small truck, or a custom build thats more dialed in with storage for all the toys! 

Chelsie: We also want to get a rig that is 4-seasons so we can do some cool winter trips in it into the backcountry. Chances are we may be selling our current set up for that reason so if youre interested. 

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