Adventuremobiles: Jake Price

Jake Price might be the most acclaimed filmer of our generation, thanks to signature projects like Gigi Rüf and Volcoms famed 9191. And while that was Jakes most notable and coveted project as of late, the dudes had his hand in a ton of shred-related projects for a while now, like Robot Foods Afterlame, Volcoms Mr. Plant and the DC Mountain Lab 1.5 film. Recently, he has been grinding day and night for Vans new release due out this winter, Landline.. Jake was the key cog in the crews backcountry adventures and he logged just about as many hours on his snowmobile as he did his Adventuremobile the last two winters. Oh, and did we mention that he absolutely rips on a snowboard? Hes the type of filmer that can film on-slope and then ride down what he just shot footage of. For real. Jake is a beast, and so is his 1991 Ford F-150. Here, get to know a little bit more about Jake, his adventures, and the vehicle that fuels them.
T. Bird

Jake Price on a trip in Revelstoke. PHOTO: Arthur Longo

Here is a grainy photo of Stephanie in Revelstoke. PHOTO: Jake Price


Its a 1991 Ford F-350 1-ton crew cab manual, nicknamed Stephanie, and it takes Jake all across the country every winter. This past season, Jake and Stephanie could be found mainly in British Columbia with Pat Moore, Arthur Longo, Blake Paul and the rest of the Vans crew roaming through in search of plentiful powder and long days on the steel pony.

The steel pony rides on. Revelstoke, BC. PHOTO: Jake Price


Jakes philosophy is simple. Business and pleasure, always. No compartmentalization there. He lives it and he loves it. Gear in the front, party in the back. You cant have trailers most of the places I go filming. The crew cab fits 12 people and its always a party.

A one-of-a-kind mod, Jamie Lynn bestowing some art across the hood. PHOTO: Jake Price

Arthur Longo and the finished piece by Jamie Lynn taking to new heights in Chatter Creek. PHOTO: Jake Price


Jakes had the truck for two decades and from day one, he started in on the mods to make it more proficient in off-road terrain. I bought the truck 20 years ago from the Canadian Forest Service with 40,000 miles on it. Straight away ripped the bumpers off, threw an extra spring in the front to fit 35 inch double-studded mudders and blacked out all the chrome. I ran it for five or six years then blew the 351 motor. Dropped in a 460 big block and she rips. Jason McAllister gave me his solid steel 369 Customs sled deck, which is really the best part. That thing is super solid and has no problem fitting 3 sleds up there with a little bit of snowmobile Jenga. I love the sled deck as opposed to a flatbed for the extra storage underneath. Its also sealed so I can just leave all my shit under there and it doesnt get too wet.

Who needs a cabin when you have Stephanie. Revelstoke, BC. PHOTO: Jake Price.


Ol Steph has taken Jake the continent over, and then some, and needless to say, she ages well. Usually I am driving this truck everyday when we are filming. Last winter alone for Vans Landline., I put about 20,000 miles on her with Arthur Longo as my co-pilot. It has no carpet so we just hose out the spilled beers, sunflower seeds and cig butts. I dont sleep in it much, but when I do the front seat is wide and long enough for me to crash out and is fairly comfortable.

Three sleds on one truck. Count it. PHOTO: Provided by Jake Price

Second angle so you know it is true. PHOTO: Jake Price


What Jake utilizes Stephanie for isnt necessarily the ideology of finding beautiful, remote places, but instead, accessing the hard-to-get-to remote places for work. Basically, if its waist-deep and theres a high pressure rolling through, youll find Jake backing Steph into a tight spot at the trailhead. Stephanie loves the deep powder and it doesnt get any deeper than interior BC. My favorite trip up there was filming for Volcoms Road Tested with Aaron Robinson, Alex Lopez, Curtis Ciszek, Shandy Campos, Scott Penner, and Young Dave. It was just such gnarly conditions and we just went out everyday no matter what. Witnessing A-Rob ride the Spine of God was just a life highlight and a moment Ive yet to uphold. Stephanie was a huge part of almost every movie Ive made. Afterlame, 91 Words For Snow, ir77, DC Mountain Lab 1.5, Volcom edits, 9191, Mr. Plant, and Landline..

Some of the latest in front of the famed lensman’s camera. (l to r) Arthur Longo, Aaron Blatt, and Sam Taxwood. PHOTO: Jake Price


The future looks bright for Stephanie and Jake, as they seek to continue their long-standing relationship. Nothing can break them up, even if Steph is getting a little bit worse for wear as of recent. Steph is getting a bit weathered these days. Last winter was real hard on her skin. Im thinking, get through one more winter with her then get her in the paint and dent shop. Shes never ran better, so really just cosmetic updating. Stephanie will forever be my girl. Its a modern day love story, and heres to another 20 years of happiness, Jake and Steph. Salut!