An Inside Look Into Mike Basich’s Roaming Adventuremobile

This story was originally featured in the September 2014 issue of the magazine. It’s been updated with an extended photo gallery above.

Words: Gerhard Gross

Photos: Ben Gavelda

Life hacker Mike Basich is best known for his off-the-grid Area 241, which recently made mainstream news for being the ultimate tiny shred house.  Although hes built himself an epic backyard playground complete with cabin, snowcat, and private chairlift, he set out make a mobile 241 unit by creating a cabin that rolls.

I spent about two and half months in this thing last winter,” says Basich. “Its been amazing. I wish I was living in it with nothing else attached to me right nowno real estate, no bills.


“The sheet metal on the outside is something I took off my old warehouse and the rest is just a few 2x4s for the framingmost of its insulation really. A lot of the other stuff I got at ReStore which is a great place to get windows and sinks and stoves.”

Mike Basich's mobile adventure mobile


“I maxed out the height for the driving codes, which is 13 and a half feet for North America. Its been amazing how comfortable the space is. With the fireplace you can have the door wide open and it feels twice as big as it is.”

Inside Mike Basich's rolling cabin


“The oven is propane. Its an old Wedgewood thing I got at a garage sale. Its a perfect size for because its skinny but its big enough. Weve been baking turkeys in itlittle turkeys, not big ones. Its got three burners and an oven.”

Mike Basich's stove


“You can plug it into a house or run it off batteries and still have power for the normal needs. I have some solar panels on the roof as well. The hot water is mostly for cleaning dishes. The shower is just a showerhead that you stick out the window.”

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