In an effort to battle the ongoing consolidation of the snowboard market by big ski manufactures, Bert LaMar has started a new company focused on quality product, rider involvement, and protecting the finest specialty retailers. Created by snowboarders for snowboarders, Elevation¿a company built on strong principles and business experience¿is planning to bring snowboarding back to where it belongs.

LaMar has a long history in the world of snowboarding. Starting out in the late 70’s, he was a top pro skateboarder who evolved into one of the top snowboarders of his time. As president and founder of Lamar Snowboards in the 1989-90 season, he was responsible for all product, marketing and team development, making the brand an industry leader. He sold the company in 1998 and has since been working on various action sports/toy related projects that fit his interests.

“I really love the feeling that snowboarding can bring to a person’s life and know Elevation can be a successful part in portraying the right product and image to help fulfill that feeling,” says LaMar. “I think there is a great need for someone with the right program to protect the specialty dealers and lead the way to getting snowboarding back to where it belongs¿”The classes not the masses,” as Dale Smith would say. Snowboarding is and always will be an action sport … it’s not a leisure sport and shouldn’t be run by the ski companies.”

LaMar has partnered with Scot Cheatham, founder of EOS International, to take snowboarding to the next level. Cheatham is a father with kids who snowboard and saw the need for a breath of fresh air in snowboarding.

“Working with Bert posed a perfect opportunity to colaborate with someone who has inherent knowledge of what it takes to build a successful snowboard company,” says Cheatham. “As the name implies, we want everything to go higher, from the kids using our boards to our dealer’s profits from selling them.”

Elevation is a company that will focus on bringing top-end, innovative product to the regular snowboarding enthusiast. The main objective is to converge strong branding with the best possible manufacturing and great retail support. They want to create a product for the kid looking to stand apart from the traditional brands.

This as a great time to enter the market with a fresh brand. “The ongoing consolidation has created a void for new core brands to emerge,” says LaMar. “We intend on taking advantage of that opportunity and taking snowboarding back.”

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