Outside of the Baker Banked Slalom and the Dirksen Derby, the Holy Bowly is one of the rare events where young guns get to strap in shoulder-to-shoulder with legends like Jamie Lynn, Chris Roach, Temple Cummins, Russell Winfield, Wes Makepeace, and Jake Blattner and actually ride with them. Its both inspiring and educational to watch the approach these OGs bring to the course as they still retain much of the style that made them famous. Although the way they ride is different from the current style-laden pros in attendance like say, Forest Bailey, Scott Stevens, Blake Paul, or Jake OE, you can see the roots of how this generation grabs and tweaks.

This afternoon at the bottom of the course Jamie, Roach, and Russell got into a butter session on the volcano that could have been pulled from one of their early-90s video parts. It was history unfolding before your eyes. The butter is a trick that seldom shows up outside of Scott Steven’s video parts these days, but in 1994 it was worthy enough to command nearly the entire opening segment of FLFs RPM. Check it out starting at 3:45. After watching that you might as well keep going to see things like Bryan Iguchi tweak his knee parallel to his edge on a backside 360 japan, because no one is doing that any more, and Mike Ranquet tear some big mountain lines.

FLF’s RPM full movie

Beyond the cross-generational pollination at the Holy Bowly, the riding continued to elevate yet again as the walls of the bowl were shaved back to let riders transfer over the deck more easily. This is where Forest, Austin Hironaka, and Scotty Arnold, to name a few, had some of the bigger airs of the event so far.

As for the rest of the course it continued to get well sessioned, because even if youve been riding it for four days straight its just to damn fun to stop.

Tomorrow, Saturday April 18, 50 invited locals will join the current crew and on Sunday the Holy Bowly will be open to the public.

See what went down on day 3 here

Chris Roach. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Chris Roach. PHOTO: Andy Wright