It’s no secret that the action sports industry is dominated by men. However, it would be inherently ignorant to reach the conclusion that there are no women at its forefront. For years there has been a select, yet quickly growing contingent, of females that shape the industry’s progression in a substantial way. That is to say, their contribution isn’t the same old thing we have grown to know. Most importantly, it hasn’t piggy-backed or been designed with anyone but themselves at its focus. These are the women that are making waves and moving mountains within our communities, and they won’t be stopped.

The stars of the night, Ilanna Barkusky, Erin Hogue, and Bryanna Bradley. PHOTO: Robin Van Gyn

Last weekend Roxy celebrated these women and hosted an event at the brand new Whistler-Blackcomb Roxy retail location in an effort to put these contributors in the spotlight. The event was focused on three different photographers who have each made their mark in different communities across the action sports landscape. Those at its center were Erin Hogue, Bryanna Bradley, and Ilanna Barkusky. Over the course of the evening, all three women shared insights with the crowd on their struggles, decisions, and ultimately the choices they made in creating their work, before celebrating their accomplishments with those in attendance.

Bryanna Bradley sharing one of her many surf inspired images with the crowd. PHOTO: Robin Van Gyn

“Contrary to what you might think, it’s not all about the athletes, it takes two, sometimes more to make the perfect image you see right here on the pages of Transworld. Isnt it time we celebrated the people behind the lens? With a brand new store opening in Whistler Village, Roxy used the opportunity to feature some of the best action sports photographers in Canada. Erin Hogue (snow), Bryanna Bradley (surf), and Ilanna Barkusky (snow). With prints in tow, they hosted a bustling crowd of female fans in the new store, turns out these are the true heroines! Each photographer walked us through their rise in their art and talked honestly about the struggles of crashing sleds into trees, swimming with sharks, and of course, missing the shot. Hanging on every word of the hilarious stories of success and tribulations the crowd stuck around to party and ask a thousand questions once it was all over. Huge thanks to Roxy for supporting the people who support us! We will see you in the snow in just another couple of months.” – Robyn Van Gyn.

All smiles at the Whistler Blackcomb Roxy Make Waves, Move Mountains.

Continue below for a look at some of the images created, as well as a few short videos by Erin Hogue, explaining her processes and what goes into getting the shot. But more importantly, keep an eye on the horizon for all that is still to come. These women have made waves and moved mountains, and they are surely nowhere near done.

One of many photos shared over the evening. Seen here is Robin Van Gyn ripping through the Whistler backcountry. PHOTO: Erin Hogue

Another favorite shot from the evening of Robin Van Gyn. PHOTO: Erin Hogue

And below, a taste of what the talks included, as seen in a recent episode of Erin Hogue’s “Getting the Shot” YouTube series.

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