Mark McMorris World’s First Backside Triple Cork 1440 Snowboarding Video

Originally posted on March 7th, 2011.

Last week on Jump 5 in the Snowmass park in Colorado Mark McMorris stomped the first-ever Backside Triple Cork 1440, the crew was sessioning the public park for the upcoming “Park Sessions” Project coming Fall 2011.

Mark McMorris. Portrait Nick Hamilton

Mark McMorris. Portrait Nick Hamilton

Caught Up With Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris is a fast eater. He once knuckled a jump and shit his pants. Instead of changing, he wanted to take another run. Is that passion? Is this a harsh intro? Mark competes a lot. Does that make him a contest kid? Yes. No. He got a Silver Medal at his first Winter X Games. Hes having fun. The 17 year-old just came up with the backside double cork 1440. He stomped it third try (on a park jump at Snowmass, Colorado.) What you think of the trick or triples in general is your opinion, just recognize that theres a lot more to Mark McMorris than this one trick. One hit wonder? Dont think so.

Okay, the backside triple cork 1440. How long had you been thinking about doing this trick?

I guess after Torstein Horgmo did it. Ive been doing a variation of the double cork back ten for quiet awhile and nobody had tried it, so I just wanted to see what would happen if I just started it like a back ten but go a little further, hold my grabI dont know. The first one I just didnt start as flippy, I kinda did a backside fourteen double and just fell. It kinda made sense so I just eased my way into it on the next two. I did it with no injury, so thats cool.

Break the trick down.

Its totally different than doing the double. Right from the takeoff you need to give it a lot more. You cant scrape, you need to get more pop than usual, you need to try to get your grab as soon as you can, so youre in a small position. Its like you need to know youre going to try it from the takeoff.

Whats the most critical point in the trick?

After the second cork you can kinda spot it, so you really just need to trust yourself to go for it. You cant let go of your grab and look, you need to just hold on. Commit to it.

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