The Southern Sierra. Mt. Whitney seen towards right side of the middle in the panoramic.

Several times I gazed out the window of my car at Mt. Whitney and the mountains of the Southern Sierra. I had often asked myself, “What if snowboarding Mt. Whitney was a possibility.” What began as a question while driving Highway 395 quickly grew to a reality last season. With the right crew of friends and a few other splitboard/snowcamping excursions, we were prepared to embark on a most adventurous snowboard mission, to splitboard and ride Mt. Whitney; the lower 48 state’s tallest mountain.

The photo gallery below is a behind the scenes look at TWS’s January issue that features”Range of Light, A Splitboarding Adventure to the Tallest Peak in the Lower 48-Mt. Whitney” Pick up the January issue to read the full story on page 166. Other must-see features in the issue are based on India, Japan, and our annual Interview Issue. Go out and get your copy or get your subscription to TWS here.

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A HUGE thanks goes out to The North Face for their well designed tents, packs, sleeping bags, and camping booties. Without their support, we would have froze our asses off.

Voile-USA for their innovative spiltboard kits, interface systems, and sticky skins. These products made a splitboard missions a huge success.

And to Burton Snowboards for the chance to enjoy their S-Series splitboard…they’ve been involved in splitboarding since the beginning.

Especially to Leeward Cinema: Chris Edmands, Kyle Schwartz, & Jason Logan. These shredders: Josh Dirksen, Chad Otterstrom, Lucas DeBari, Eric Leines, Forest Shearer, and Ben Lynch. And our friends that joined us: Canyon and Carlos Florey, Pancho, Matt Swanson, Matt Miller!!! 14 of us on the lower 48’s tallest 14’r!

Chad Otterstrom, McTwist with Keeler & Day Needle in background. Photo: Chris Wellhausen