Tiny Type (Feb)

Is it just us, or is February kind of a weird month? You’re sick of winter, but you’re not really ready for it to be spring yet, so you’re feeling a little confused to begin with. Then there’s the whole issue of Valentine’s Day, where you’re like, “Should I get a present? Should we go out to dinner? But are we even dating?” And at that point you just want to curl up in bed under your covers and read Tiny Type so you don’t have to deal with it anymore, because there’s nothing scary or confusing about snowboard gossip.

Ask These People For Free Stuff
In addition to signing Zac Marben (as was reported in last month’s Tiny Type), Chris Brown, Jaakko Seppala, and Cody Rosenthal have also recently been added to Option’s snowboard team. We aren’t entirely sure what’s going on up there, but we suggest that you send them your footage, because it looks like they’re in the sponsoring mood. Helly Hansen announced its international team, which is comprised of Jussi Tarvainen, Clair Bidez, Shin Campos, Lisa Filzmoser, Steve Fisher, Nicolas Droz, Jules Reymond, and Eric Themel. Josh Sherman rides for Smith and Drop. Jarad Hadi is on Academy Snowboards. John Kooley is getting a pro-model snowboard with Santa Cruz. And finally, Wille Yli-Luoma has a pro-model goggle with IS Design, which brings us to our next bit of juicy gossip …

Finn Gone Wild!
On the annual K2 trip to Switzerland, Wille went completely berserk after returning to their hotel from the bar one night. He started off his drunken rampage by urinating all over teammate Leanne Pelosi’s room, bags, and leg. The notorious Finn then suffered a broken hand after delivering a surprisingly powerful slap to the K2 brand manager’s backside. To top everything off, Wille then broke into the room of Snowboard Magazine’s very own Mark Sullivan and stomped on Mark’s computer, which is now completely out of commission and was not backed up. So yeah, there are several lessons that could be learned from this experience. One of them, obviously, might be to invest in an external hard drive if your entire life is saved on your computer. We’ll let you figure the rest out for yourself.

Gratuitous Portland News
Dave Schiff broke the door to the shipping entrance of the new Grenade warehouse in Portland. He then camped outside the building in his truck all night armed with a pair of scissors with which to stab anyone who might try to break in and steal gloves. He might not shower very often, but what can we say-the guy is dedicated. Brooke Geery fell skateboarding in Chicago and had to get staples in her head. This prompted fellow Portland local Jesse House to explain to her that she didn’t need to go to a doctor to get them out, but instead do like he did and open up a pair of wire cutters at Home Depot and have a friend snip them out. Needless to say, Brooke opted for the doctor. In even more Portland news, Shane Flood is moving out of his house in a sketchy neighborhood in deep southeast and moving into a newly purchased house in an equally sketchy neighborhood in deep northeast. Oh yeah, Sean Genovese and his girlfriend have moved into Lukas Huffman’s house in-you guessed it-Portland. One person who isn’t moving to Portland is Desiree Melancon, who is actually moving out of Oregon to live with Laura Hadar in SLC for the winter. And speaking of Salt Lake …

Gratuitous Salt Lake News
Jordan Mendenhall bought a house in SLC, and, uh … wait, is that the only Utah news we have this month? Seriously? Oh no, hang on, Alexis Waite-who is living in Salt Lake for the winter and is therefore categorized in the SLC news section-did an internship with Roxy. In marriage news Ali Goulet and Technine’s Ethan Fortier just tied the knot. Not with each other of course (no pun intended), but with their respective girlie friends. Okay, I guess that’s it.

Oh Canada!
TransWorld Senior Photographer Scott Serfas is getting into the real-eestate spirit by buying some shares of the world-famous El Furniture Warehouse restaurant/bar based in Vancouver, B.C. Apparently the El Furniture Warehouse also has a new location in Whistler, so look for it when you’re up there. Pro-snowboard babes Leanne Pelosi and Spencer O’Brien are getting a house together in Whistler this winter. Also happening in Canada-this winter Devun Walsh and J-F Pelchat will reportedly be working on Big Bastards, a follow-up to their infamous cult classic Lil’ Bastards. We can’t wait.

Total Randoms That Won’t Fit Anywhere Else
Travis Parker is now a sushi chef. Lane Knaack moved to Reno. Curtis Woodman had his driver’s license taken away and now has to ride his bike everywhere. Danny Kass’ dog had puppies, and so did John Jackson’s. Louie Fountain’s wife didn’t have puppies, but she did have a baby girl. Burton Finnish super-pro Jussi Oksanen and wife Zoe had a beautiful baby boy they named Gabriel, while Bryan Knox of Vans and pro-wife Anne Molin Kongsgaard welcomed Ella Kongsgaard Knox into the world. And finally, Park builder extraordinaire Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson and wife Gen celebrated the birth of their son Kale Andree Gunnarson. So congratulations to all of them.

Quote of The Month:
“And that’s why I hit her in the head with a garbage can.”-Jason Bayne of Grenade, finishing a story about some party on the East Coast