#1 Mammoth Mountain, CA

Mammoth Mountain, California

Total Features: 244

Park Area: 100 acres

The Mammoth Unbound program leads the top of the park poll for North America once again this year, in part because it includes the most even spread of extra-small, small, and medium features of parks in the poll. Main Park sets the bar for pro-level riding with its model jump line, technical rails, and 22-foot halfpipe, while the mellower rails and kickers reside in Forest Trail and South Park. There is no lack of transition as the runs are filled with bowls, hips, banks and berms from top to bottom. Dedication to keeping every feature in every park prime played a huge part in Mammoths ranking and their program is one of the most well-executed in North America. “There’s almost never a day where something doesn’t change, whether it’s a single rail or an entire section of the park,” said Unbound terrain parks director, TJ Dawoud. Nestled in the bona fide mountain town of Mammoth Lakes, roots run deep here with legendary snowboarders like Greg Bretz, Tara Dakides, and Kelly Clark having called it home. What ultimately has propelled Mammoth to the top of the Park Poll 2018 list is their dedication to snowboarding, which is authentically displayed in their parks program, with an impressive 300 or so freestyle features across the mountain during peak season. This past season was particularly outstanding. Mammoth stayed open a total of about 270 days, their second longest season on record, with two polished parks all summer long.