Carinthia at Mount Snow, Vermont

Total Features: 151

Park Area: 100 acres

The site of our Good Wood park board test, Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow have become an East Coast powerhouse in park design. Winning first for East Coast parks and 10th overall, Mount Snow dedicates an entire face of the mountain solely to park, which really sets it apart. The Nitro lift provides access to all of the parks at Carinthia, and a combination of different parks can be hit in a top-to-bottom run. The Heavy Metal lift is lower profile and takes you right to the top of Gulch, Inferno, and Prospector, where youll find the biggest rails and jumps. Inspired by the surrounding community, The Farm offers burly, fully-shredable jibs like barns, sugar shacks, horse trailers, logs and sap buckets. Wood features like this are becoming iconic for the Carinthia brand, and Mount Snows mom and pop vibe attracts rippers like Max Lyons and Shaun Murphy, who’s also on the park staff. Check out the C Sessions edits for proof.