Big Boulder, Pennsylvania

Total Features: 134

Park Area: 47 acres

Big Boulder Park is the metal-casted pride and joy of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. From hike parks primed for progression to the largest triple jump line in the region, the park crew works day in and day out to give the kids of the East a setup as good as any. Freedom Park is tucked away with its own lift and the most features on the mountain, offering a creative range of small tubes to kink rails to hips, perfect for hot laps. Love Park contains bigger features, a medium jump line, and a hip and Boulder Park is the park to lap if you want to go big. Big Boulder offers cheap weekend tickets and the earliest open in the Poconos, starting in November, and concludes the season with their anticipated May Day event, which takes place on the last possible day of park riding for boarders in the tri-state area.