Northstar, California

Total Features: 246

Park Area: 55 acres

Coming up second in the continent for Park Poll 2018, the yellow and black rails of Northstar are recognizable on any front. Regardless of the inconsistent weather patterns coming out of Tahoe from year to year, Northstar consistently finds a way to set the precedent for park building. Between the Straits Park, which hosts the largest jumps and rails on the mountain, and The Stash, one of the most established natural featured terrain parks around the world, Northstar provides enough variety for insane creative potential. We change our jib and snow feature options five nights out of every week and we revamp entire areas of our parks on a bi-weekly basis,” said Mike Schipani, Northstars terrain park manager. The combination of master artistry, long rail lines, properly sculpted jumps, and next-level diversity pushes Northstar to the top of our list time and time again.