Bear Mountain, California

Total Features: 211

Park Area: 130 acres

When it comes to the artistry and finesse so integral to the success of snowboard parks, Bear Mountain has always been among the most dedicated in the world. An impressive 85 percent of the mountain is covered with rails, boxes, pyramids, hips, and jumps in a dynamic layout that flows naturally and evolves constantly. Bear excels at maintaining and refreshing its setup to keep things fun and creative during those sunny days on hill that Southern California so graciously provides. “We have a rail crew that’s out there five nights a week, changing things around,” said Bear’s Director of Marketing, Clayton Shoemaker. “Maintenance is another thing that’s huge to usday maintenance and night maintenance. We don’t let things get sloppy. Keeping that product 100 percent takes a huge commitment.” Bear Mountain is a worldwide epicenter for the freestyle snow community, renowned for its innovative and iconic setups. From the ever-expanding, street style Red Bull Plaza to technical transition features, Bear is built by snowboarders for snowboarders. And it shows. Take a look at some feel-good edits featuring the psychotic trickery of Drayden Gardner, Lenny Mazzotti, Jordan Small and more in Sunday In The Park.