Keystone, Colorado

Total Features: 148

Park Area: 60 acres

Keystone Resort prides itself on its selection of features for every skill level from amateur to expert. In a progressive 60-acre collection of creative terrain park hits spread across six areas, the convenience of starting small before conquering massive kickers and double kinks is at your fingertips. All six areas are easily accessed by one designated chairlift that exclusively services A51s collection of boxes, rails, tubes, tables, jumps, and transition features. Its timely, efficient and safeno need to worry about accidentally hurting a toddler because they were standing in a landing while their parents werent looking. Once you work your way to up Main Street or The Alley, the features are big, technical and ooze of uniqueness influenced by street style. Basically, they take small, urban features and blow them up. Professional snowboarders like Silje Orendal and Torstein Horgmo are often spotted getting their fair share of Keystones madness. To keep things fresh each winter, Key puts together a plan to introduce new features that can either be combined with existing features or stand alone. It offers a variety of shapes and kinks in super fun sizes that will rotate throughout the season to enhance the progression and skatepark flow, park manager Kevin Laverty says.