Aspen Snowmass, Colorado

Total Features: 145

Park Area: 51 acres

Aspen Snowmass frequently secures a spot our top 10 list due to its stacked lineup of time-tested, innovative setups. Mark McMorris landed the first backside triple cork 1440 on a massive kicker in the jump line at this resort, and the same park open to the public has been the venue for TransWorld SNOWboarding‘s Red Gerard Invitational the past two seasons. But Aspen Snowmass isnt just a place for pros to huck themselves. Lowdown park is an intro park consisting of beginner to intermediate level features, as well as a beginner halfpipe, rollers and table top jumps atop a gentle grade that makes it a great place to dial in some tricks while hiking. Makaha park is the next level up with slightly bigger features and a triple jump line. Between Lowdown and Makaha, there are a ton of opportunities for warm up before stepping to the 50 biggest rails and table jumps in the Snowmass park. Come the highly anticipated first week at January at this resort and the superpipe and big park are fully open and ready to rip. Features to up your shred game abound at Aspen Snowmass.