Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

Some resorts are blessed with deep natural snowfall and ideal terrain, but high-quality park building really comes down to the creativity and dedication of the park staff. Snow Park Technologies and TransWorld SNOWboarding aim to recognize the crew that truly maximized their resources to produce the most outstanding park experience, regardless of precipitation.

To determine the winner, we looked at park effort metrics that included objective data provided by resorts. These metrics are related to the overall parks, the features the park crews built and maintained throughout the season, and how resorts ranked in TransWorld SNOWboardings Park Poll, combined with additional challenges the resort had to overcome.

SPT and TransWorld are stoked to announce Seven Springs as the winner of the Work Horse Award.

The crew at Seven Springs demonstrated their commitment to creating and refreshing their parks, giving riders the best possible terrain features, despite the tough East Coast winter. Their effort was nothing short of remarkable.

Congrats, Seven Springs!