Lift lines bumming you out this season? Well, strap into a splitboard and leave the traffic jams behind. We spent all winter long avoiding the crowds while simultaneously testing offerings from the industry’s top brands, with the boards to follow proving the most reliable. Each and every one of these splits were put through a gamut of backcountry conditions, ranging from deep, midwinter days in the PNW, to icy, spring skin tracks in the Sierra.

Nitro Squash

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Nitro’s popular Squash is just as reliable in its two-piece rendition. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

The best part about the two-part edition of the popular Nitro Squash is that it rides just like the one-piece version. You don’t want a split to feel like a split, and this one does an exceptional impersonation of its solid counterpart. The Squash features an aggressive personality created by positive camber and a distinctly directional shape.

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K2 Joydriver

06 _970 k2 tested 68_r1
K2’s Joydriver is ready to take you on a joy ride through the backcountry. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Based off their proven solid offering of the same name, K2’s Joy Driver is delighted to take you into the backcountry. Featuring a freestyle-inspired shape designed around K2’s Directional Camber baselinecamber underfoot with slight rocker in the tips the Joy Driver is just as capable handling fast, steep lines as it is needling through tight terrain.

Never Summer Swift

10 _970 neversummer tested 70_r1
Never Summer’s Swift promises fluid, smooth turns in varying backcountry terrain. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

From champagne powder chasing to late-spring corn harvesting, our testers raved over the Swift’s propensity for smooth, surf-inspired turning regardless of snow conditions. The only board in Never Summer’s Shaper Series in a split configuration, the Swift proved more versatile than its pointed nose and tapered swallow tail suggested.

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Burton Family Tree Mystery FA X Split

02 _970 burton tested 69_r1
Burton’s Family Tree Mystery FA X Split is a freestyle-focused backcountry vessel. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

With a directional camber profile that puts positive camber at the back with a bit of rocker up front, Burton’s Flight Attendant still possesses a twin-like feel when tackling the backcountry’s natural features. But even with its freestyle leanings, the directional profile translated to ample float, response, and maneuverability across a spectrum of conditions.

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Rome Powder Division MT

18 _970 rome tested 71_r1
If surfy powder turns are your objective, this is your trusty steed. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Surfy is as tired a descriptor for snowboard product as firing is for when the waves are good. It’s tough to think of a more fitting term, however, to explain the appeal of Rome’s Powder Division MT Split. If you’re looking for something that will float and slash through everything with ease, this is an excellent option.

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