What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: Jonaven Moore
Age: 22
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 165 pounds
Home: Whistler, B.C.
Roots: Banff, Alberta, “Canaduh”
Sponsors: Burton Snowboards, Anon. Optics, The Rude Boys Snowboard Shop
Stance: Goof troop, 22 inches wide, with 24 degrees on the front foot and negative-six on the back, and set an inch back of center. I ride with my back foot slightly negative, because that’s the way my feet tend to stand naturally, and ’cause it makes riding switch way easier.
Board: Burton Dragon 162-it’s a good all-around length for my height. I ride a Dragon 158 in the park, and a Republik 163 and 166 in the land of AK.
Consumption: Six-I like testing new boards, so I go through a lot.
Lube: Not often enough. I usually wax just when I need to, like when the snow gets especially warm or cold. I should wax more, because a fast board makes snowboarding way easier.
Boots: Burton Drivers-they provide a lot of support for my ankles but fall somewhere in the happy-medium range of stiffness-too stiff and you loose board control and style. I had bone spurs taken out of my ankles from landing too hard for too long.
Bindings: Burton C14. The most important thing is rotating your highbacks to match your board edge. It allows your boots to move laterally.
Superstitions: Never, ever, call last run. Ever.

Quote: “Those who live without risk, risk not living at all.”-R.I.P. Brett, Nate, and the rest of my bros who I’ll see in time.

Boot: Burton Drivers
Board: Burton Dragon 62
Jacket: Ronin Katana Jacket
Pant: Ronin Cargo
Goggle: Anon. Figment
Gloves: Ronin Rodeo Leather Glove
Pack: Burton AK Paradise