Christian Haller Presents His Latest Video Project, SPUREN

Hitsch’s latest project is entitled Spuren, which means “tracks” in German. Zooming in his focus even further from Memoires Memoires, Spuren was the product of stripping away everything that happens above the lip, and emphasizing the trajectories that are at the core of halfpipe riding. Designed to be a stand alone video, or viewed together with his photography, the resulting combination results in imagery that echo a surfer’s line through a frigid barrel.

Drawing on a diverse range of influences, from the natural setting of Laax to the creative work of his film and photo collaborators who include Dominic Zimermann and DBK, Hitsch is just as excited to progress his self-expression as he is his snowboarding.

Film / Edit: DBK
Photos: Dominic Zimermann

Christian Haller. Photo: Dominic Zimermann

Christian Haller. Photo: Dominic Zimermann

If you find yourself in Switzerland, be sure to check out the full gallery opening which will include photography from the project.