Fat & Furious Season 3 : Episode 1

The third season of FAT & FURIOUS by brothers Abbe & Theo Hjellström is alive. Hometown is the first episode of three to come this season. The main idea when Abbe and Theo started this project two years ago, was to show their perspective on snowboarding and what they really like about it. And of course to be able to ride with each other as much as possible.

About Hometown:

We felt it was time for Fat & Furious to hit the streets since we have rode a lot of park the last couple of years. We have been sitting on some cool spots we wanted to ride for a while, and some funny ideas that we thought would put our own touch to the street riding.

So this time, we went back to our Hometown Skövde, in Sweden, and spent six days over there filming for this episode.

We were super lucky with snow since it all melted away some days after we were done. And of course we had a great crew, so nothing could really stop us. Huge thanks to our very good friend and filmmaker, Lowe Andersson, for making this possible.


Abbe Hjellström

Theo Hjellström

Felix Engström

Camera: Lowe Andersson from NoBudget Production

Thanks, all the best from Sweden.

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