Episode 3 Fingers Crossed : Alaska

Words: Taylor Godber

The last frontier was our final destination goal from the beginning of the season. Alaska is one of the global meccas of backcountry snowboarding. It was a mission and a journey along the entire way. Teh experience was one of a kind; we camped in a SnowTrekker tent on the Haines Pass, snowmobiled deep into the mountains, climbed big beautiful snowy faces, gained knowledge through experience, and rode humbling lines that we could have only ever imagined. AK is a life experience. We can’t wait to get back.

Rider list: Claudia Avon, Talon Gillis, and Taylor Godber
Location: Lunenberg NS and Haines AK
Filmer: Benjamin Webb, Jan Schuster, Ryan Kenny, David Vladyka, Aaron Maksymec, Brad Sarauer, The Bus Life Crew, Vanessa Chan, and Brian Hockenstein
Edit:Bruce Johnson & Ryan Kenny

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