On a clear, brisk night in Aspen, Colorado, eight women snowboarders took to the massive big air jump to kick off Winter X Games 2017. As the debut of womens big air in Aspen and the first major big air contest of the season, nerves were running high during the twenty-five minute jam session. Many riders bobbled and went down on their runs.  Jamie Anderson, Klaudia Medlova, Kjersti Buass, Cheryl Maas all took gnarly falls, with Jamie and Klaudia both needing medical attention.

Then, with less than 10 seconds left in the contest, Hailey Langland stomped a flawless cab double cork 1080 with supreme confidence. This bumped her from 6th place into first place with the trick score of 49, out of 50. Langland, the youngest athlete at X Games 2017, took home the first gold of the Games and was beyond excited with her win.

Holy crap! Langland said following the event. Im so stoked to be out here. Im just happy to have landed what I wanted to! Its so amazing what all the girls are putting down! she continued.

Langland had never attempted her winning trick until today in practice, then landed it flawlessly in finals.

Check out the winning run videos below.

1. Hailey Langland

2. Anna Gasser

3. Julia Marino

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