The Grab:
Rear hand reaches across body and grabs nose in front of the front binding.

The Tweak:
Typically the back leg is boned.

Performed By: Benny Milam

The History:
Swiped from skateboarding, this grab name comes from the crail slide, in which the nose of the board is grabbed with the rear hand while doing a tailslide. It can be argued that grabbing any place on the toe edge, between the front binding and the nose also qualifies as a crail, but dabbles in dangerous nute grab territory (the socially unacceptable grab caught between nose and mute). This nether region of a snowboard, which doesnt exist on a skateboard, creates much ambiguity when using skate names for snowboard tricks. The crail is one of those classic skate influenced grabs that is easy to do, yet hard to do well.