The Grab:
Rear hand grabs the toe edge between the bindings, while traveling straight or spinning frontside. Back leg is boned out.

The Tweak:
Rear leg is boned, front knee is bent, poking the tail frontside.

Performed By: Chris Beresford.

The History:
This is basically a frontside air, yet with the tail boned out instead of the nose. For some reason, snowboarders started to double incorrectly refer to this grab as a Del Mar Indy over the past few years, yet again confusing skate terminology. The Del Mar Indy is, first off, backside (which has to be called an Indy), and secondly, grabbed tuck-knee style around the back leg, and then the knees are pointed straight down, pulling the feet up similar to how one would during a Japan grab. The frontside air can be tweaked several directions, and as seen here by Chris Beresford, multiple times. (See frontside nosebone for more info).