K2 needed some quality time with the gang, so they decided to rally (almost) the entire crew up to the Pacific Northwest to experience the banner snow-year firsthand. Deciding on Summit at Snoqualmie with pizza in tow, the K2 team settled in to shoot some photos, bond, and just have some good times.

Who wouldn’t want to party board with this crew? PHOTO: Colton Jacobs

Spending the day sessioning the park at the qualm, hitting features in the trees at Summit West, hand-digging a 6 ft mini-pipe, and maxing out Pie for the Peoples kitchen by ordering 20 extra-large pizzas for the crowds at Summit Central is just all in a days work for the crew. Tim said it best, pizza just helps to elevate your experience when you’re snowboarding…

If you pizza when you are supposed to french fry, you are going to have a good time. Tim Eddy. PHOTO: Colton Jacobs

In true PNW fashion, the team was lucky enough to experience all four-seasons in the few days they were in the Cascades. Rain or shine, they ripped around with friends, slapped some high-fives, and totally got the sauna to work just watch and you will see what we are talking about.

Featuring K2 Snowboarding Team Riders:

Parker Szumowski – @parkszoom
Tim Eddy – @timshreddy
Mark Wilson – @markjwilson
Leanne Pelosi – @leannepelosi
Jake Kuzyk – @jakekuzyk
Yo Amagai – @yo_amagai
Johnny Brady _- @johnnybradyjr
Stratton Matteson – @strattomatic
Matt Belzile – @mattbelzile
Kael Martin – @hippy_turns
Alex Rodway – @rodweezy4sheezy
Greg Phillips – @shred_baron
Destry Serna – @destryserna
Harry Green – @hairygreen

Filming by Nick Meilleur, Sam Tuor and Dan Mohr with editing by Nick Meilleur
Photos by Colton Jacobs and Colin Wiseman