Making the streets of the Midwest his own, Krister Ralles’ full part from Search Engine, the new movie from Nothing to Prove, Bjorn and Erik Leines’ Production company in association with Bald E-Gal, is stacked with urban bangers.  Watch his segment above and read on for an interview with Krister.

Mike Theines Interview with Krister Ralles

You chose to film with Austin Young, your brother Erik Ralles and your pals for the entire season instead of trying to be part of another project.  What made you decide to shoot with your pals?

Well my brother Erik got me into snowboarding at the age of nine. Without him, I would probably be reminiscing about the good old days of high school football and be neck deep in debt. Having you [Mike Theines] in the crew was amazing also, buddy. You have done so much for snowboarding in the Midwest, I feel privileged.  It’s so rad to be able to snowboard with the people I grew up with. I remember the first time I met Austin young at our local hill. His style even back than was crazy good. I also remember the first handrail trip my brother, Austin, and I took. Back then we were just happy to get a 50/50 in the street. There’s something about watching progression over the years with the same people that pushes me. The three of us together just seams right. No drama, just good times.

Your elbow was really messed up but you still stayed committed to the project and getting clips.  What happened this year to your body?

About halfway through the season, I caught my elbow on some concrete falling from about 20 feet. It wasn’t that bad, but I had a puncture wound right where the elbow bends. I have had this problem in the past and knew it would take forever to heal. Well about a week later it got crazy infected and I finally had to go to the doctor. It ended up taking me out for about three weeks total. Other than that I did alright this season. I would take a infected elbow every season if that would be all that happened.

You purchased a camera, bought a winch, and payed for your entire season with money you made over the summer.  What makes you decide to put all your yearly earnings into snowboarding each winter? 

If I have to work my ass off all summer to get my winter paid for, then that’s what I have to do. You can’t wait around for that email or phone call to come in giving you instant fame and fortune. I’ve been working gnarly construction and driving semi trucks for the last four summers to fund my season and it’s been so worth it. If you have a dream and want it bad enough work hard and go out and get it. The feeling I get every time I strap in is priceless.

What was your worst moment from this past season?

I guess the worst time last season was waking up full of sweat and my elbow the size of a grapefruit. Or maybe low snow totals and rain was worse.

Explain your biggest highlights this past season filming this project?     

My ender shot was probably my highlight. That down rail (miss blue) was one of the first street spots I ever hit and it was with Austin and my brother Erik. To go up and  over the fence more than 10 years later feels amazing. That shit wasn’t even possible when I started snowboarding. It’s crazy to look back at how far we have come together. I will never forget this season with this crew. Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the years. Thank you snowboarding!

I have been filming around snowboarding the Midwest for a hot minute and this was the first time I got to enjoy fresh Minnesota caught fish every weekend. Tell me about your passion for fishing and cooking up fish at the spot?

My passion for fishing is as big or bigger than my passion for snowboarding. Just because there is two feet of ice on the lake doesn’t stop me from finding the fish. Last season in between filming I would take my small portable fishing shelter, The Office, out to one of our many Minnesota lakes. When I’m at the office, I dream up what spot I want to hit next. I figured we could always use some fresh fish to fuel the shovels in the crew. A well fed crew is a happy crew. Fishing is a great way to recharge the batteries and save some money on food during the season.

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