Mens Video Part of the Year: Halldór Helgason

Halldór Helgason is a man on a mission and it seems that he cannot be stopped, or even slowed down for that matter. Halldórs video part in Arcadia is one for the ages and we truly believe that it will resonate with snowboardings audience for yearsif not decadesto come. An ender is the crown jewel for riders like Halldór, and although this isnt his first ender ever, it certainly was his best, and thats why he is your 2017 Mens Video Part of the Year recipient. Congrats, Halldór!

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About Riders’ Poll: For 19 years, TransWorld SNOWboarding has polled the professional snowboarding community to find their picks for the best riders of the year. Each season, these awards are decided by the opinions of over 100 pros. While TransWorld SNOWboarding hosts the awards, the winners are truly a reflection of peer acknowledgementthe highest honor any rider can receive.


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