You’ve seen Kamikazu and The Future of Yesterday, and you know they’ve each earned their respective praise for two of the best videos of the season. In fact, Kamikazu won Video of the Year at the 20th annual TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Awards, and The Future of Yesterday racked up the most views of any online video this year. Both videos are stacked with today’s top riders, many of whom proudly ride for Monster Energy. Given this, it only made sense to celebrate both in one action-packed mixtape. Monster Energy is proud to release this 2018/19 snowboard team compilation edit, featuring some of the biggest tricks and highest regarded clips of the season. Sit back and enjoy this high-energy re-cut featuring Kazu Kokubo, Halldor Helgason, Kevin Backstrom, Dustin Craven, Charles Reid, Ethan Morgan, and Tor Lundstrom as they throw down across North America, Japan, France, Austria, Norway, and more.

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