Nitros Basti Rittig Sets New World Record for Sliding Longest Rail

Snowboarding history was just made by Nitro team rider, Basti Rittig, who greased an 84 meter (275.5 feet)  rail on the Dachstein Glacier in Austria, smashing the previous 2011 world record of 79 meters (259 feet).

I cleared it! Rittig said after accomplishing the feat, which he did within four hours of attempting it.

The single round bar was over a meter high (3.28 feet) and 84 meters (275.5 feet) long. Aside from balancing on that behemoth for the whole length, Rittig also had to worry about his bases melting from friction. On the record-setting attempt, Rittig blasted unto the bar and locked onto a solid 50-50 from the start, then pointed it all the way to the end to secure the new record.

The Nitro Crew previously attempted to break the world record back in May, and Marc Swoboda was super close to stomping it, but kept getting bucked off near the end. Determined to make it happen, the crew which included Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Ana Rumiha, Ziga Rokovec, Benny Urban, Basti Ritti reset the rail in Austria and crushed it the second time around.

Check out the all the action in the video above and head here to watch the first attempt by the Nitro Crew.


Basti Rittig, 10m down, 74m to go for the record. Photo: Markus Rohrbacher

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