Online Video Series of the Year

As the state of snowboard video consumption changes, the field of potential nominees for this category becomes increasingly larger. But over the ever-growing noise of the internet, these three stood out. The nominees for Online Video Series of the Year are as follows.

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Last Resort with Stan

Now in its third iteration, host Stanley Leveille has been directing and starring in some version of this series since its beginnings as Hateline, which was later labeled the NewShow and now Last Resort. Though the shows format was initially ripped from Skateline, in the snowboarding space it is hands down one of the most original series to ever have a YouTube URL. Stans mind is one of a kind, and Last Resort is a manifestation of someone who critically dissects snowboarding then translates those thoughts it into something inimitable. Not only is it a diversion from anything previously been nominated for this category, its different than anything thats been done in snowboarding.

Something by The Manboys

Together, Matt Belzile, Rusty Ockenden, Jody Wachniak and Chris Rasman comprise the nucleus of the Whistler-based crew known as the The Manboys. Throw in a little Eric Jackson and whoever else can hang with giant wedges, steep pillows, and two-stroke engines, and youve got a formidable force in sled-accessed backcountry riding. The Manboys grow up just a bit with each season that passes, and it would be hard to argue that their latest web videos arent the most magnificent serialized display of powder boarding released this year. Filmed in the Northwest primarily by Ben Webb, Connor Whinton, and Gabe Langlois and edited by Ockenden, there is nothing juvenile about the caliber of riding or production value that went into Something by The Manboys.

The Scenic Route with Johnny OConnor

After injuring himself during the filming of Union Binding Companys STRONGER, the New York-bred Johnny OConnor made the difficult decision to turn down a spot in one the seasons largest video projects. But he didnt sit idle. Johnny had a different planone that provided an opportunity to highlight his East Coast roots with a crew of close friends. Johnny got a van, hired filmer and editor Ian Dreher, and pointed down the highways and backroads of New England, linking up with locals at each stop along the way, party boarding in the park and putting down proper moves at a plethora of street spots. The result is a series called The Scenic Route that proves whats possible with a little East Coast determination, college-like camaraderie, and some Naragansett Lager.

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