ShredBots Full Movie Part Four Whistler and Wyoming

The boys are back in Whistler with one thing on their mind. Destroy jumps. Andreas Wiig, Craig McMorris, Anto ChamberlandChris Rasman, and Torstein Horgmo lay waste to multiple kickers. Next they set their sights on the park in Wyoming and add Brage Richenberg, Frank April, and Will Lavigne to the crew. Which leads to one of the sickest jump sessions ever.

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About Shredbots:

A true demonstration of international relations the ShredBots unite a film crew of Canadian and Norwegian riders, something many thought was impossible. But people also thought triple corks were impossible and just look at Mark McMorris and Torstein Horgmo nowtheyve got so many Instagram followers its crazy. So join the ShredBots as they go beyond the lights, crowds, and podiums and into the backcountry and streets because these guys can shred it all. And if you dont like shredding you might like laughing, which will probably happen when you watch this film.