Jussi Oksanen’s Full Part From Robot Food’s Classic Movie Afterbang

It may not be thursday yet, but the occasion of Jussi Oksanen‘s retirement calls for a tribute to one of snowboarding’s greatest. Between being an Olympian, winning multiple X-Games medals among many others, and dropping some of the most revered snowboard movie parts in the history of snowboard videos, Jussi has earned his legendary status. Robot Food, the production group that made Afterbang and other awesome movies was founded by Jussi and his friends.

Jussi is leaving the pro snowboard circuit to take on more responsibility at his brand Mizu, that makes water bottles. After founding Mizu in 2008 Jussi  and the brand started making positive environmental change by removing plastic water bottles from the environment with every re-usable bottle they sell.

Jussi left us with a few words of wisdom that can be found in his interview on the Mizu website here.

“Enjoy the Journey; dont take anything for granted. Its such a rare opportunity to travel the world and snowboard, so always remember that and try to slow down sometime and enjoy the places and people you are with. And SAVE YOUR MONEY, you will need it one day!” – Jussi

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