2017 has been full of highs and lows and we’ve got the the best low points right here. Check out our favorite bails in this year’s Top 10 Monday Mallets list!

10. It’s Not Funny, It’s Humerus

When breaking the rules goes awry. Michael Rowan saw the sign on the stairs saying closed for winter, and went ahead with the charge. He’d already landed once, but wanted to clean it up a bit… The end result, a snapped humerus. Filmed by Kinsley Pearnen.

9. Boardslide Bites Back

Cole Wilton goes full reversal and slams into the last support in this boardslide attempt. Filmed by blpborders.

8. Fully Clipped Up

Getting clipped up has a couple meanings. Unfortunately Brooks Finlinson was dealt the wrong one. Filmed by Adam “bEEF” Ruzzamenti.

7. Feelin’ It Gone Awry

It’s been said that when you’re feeling yourself, you ride better. If only that was the case for David Hrivnak. He came off that 270 feeling fresh as ever, oozing with confidence, but sadly, it was followed by a major digger on the next rail. Just another day on the Dachstein Glacier. Filmed by Mario Vuono.

6. Dank Slams

This Monday Mallet is brought to you by Dank Plank. They rip, but ripping status can’t be reached without some carnage. Filmed by Gabe Taylor, Ron Forth, and Brandon Tyler.

5. On Clock Catch-Up

It was just another day at Dagmar in Uxbridge, Ontario. About time for park staffer Joey Macleod to do the closing rake and clean up. He told his boss he’ll get it taken care of after this last hit on the down tube… Joey dropped in, slid, caught, then woke up on a backboard. Further evidence for why some say to never call last run. Filmed by Vinny Laz.

4. Caught On The Upright

In our first Monday Mallet of 2017, Austin Johnson attempts to gap from one kinked rail to the other. Unfortunately for Austin he comes up short and catches his leg on the upright of the center rail. Filmed by Nekcis  and Mike Rotsaert.

3. Jeff Holce Bench(press) to Rail

Day one, Jeff almost had the most excellent make, perfect execution but the powder landing threw him off. The crew stomped out the landing area. But what followed was a heavy slam into the fence post. He separated the edge and dented the sidewall of not his snowboard. He decided to end it. Returning the next day, the session held a few scary impacts, and a make. The make was good, it wasn’t as good as the almost make the day before. The next try, collides yet again with the post, snaps his newest board. Filmed by Andrew Nagel and Ryan Collins.

2. Summer Gap Wreck

Kevin Cummings, or Kornbread, is well known around the Mt. Hood National Forest. He grew up riding the place and is always eyeing out heavy spots. For instance, this monstrous, (or disastrous) gap in Timberline’s summer slush. Filmed by Danny Schwartz and Matt Turner.

1. Death Gap

You’re going to want to turn the volume up (or down if your squeamish). While filming for his part in Inside Out Movie, Nikolay Grinev of Joint Snowboards sent this massive gap. Lacking speed he came up just a few inches short of the landing breaking his board and leg. Just imagine if he was even slower? The moral of the story – Go Fast!

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