Womens Rookie of the Year

In 2017, the womens rookie field is stronger than ever, signaling a new generation of girls who are set to take over in both the competitive and video part realms. These three ladies have been pushing the boundaries of whats possible and whats to come in the next few years and for that, weve rewarded them by recognizing Julia Marino, Jill Perkins and Ivika Jurgenson as our official Womens Rookie of the Year nominees for 2017. Congratulations, ladies. Its so well deserved.

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Julia Marino

There arent many women in the worldlet alone rookiesthat have dethroned the winningest female in slopestyle history, Jamie Anderson, on the world stage, but Julia Marino is officially one of them. Check out these results: 2nd place in big air at X Games Norway; 3rd place in slopestyle at X Games Norway; 3rd place in big air at X Games Aspen and a gold medal in slopestyle at X Games Aspen. If that doesnt scream Womens Rookie of the Year then we dont know what in the world would. Julia is setting herself up for quite the career in the pro ranks, and last winter was her official kick-off party.

Jill Perkins

Jill Perkins dropped her full part just a few short weeks ago and it immediately catapulted her into Womens Rookie of the Year contention. With copious sponsor endorsements, solid magazine coverage and a hammer-filled video part featuring one-footers and tail taps off of two-story roofs, Jill is officially on the map and everyone is talking about her. Jill represents the rising ranks of women all over the world who want to spend their time in front of the camera, pushing the limits of progression to new heights, and for that, she got this very nomination.

Ivika Jurgenson

As an integral member of the Uninvited crew, Ivikas riding is a representation of the crews ethos. They go all out, no matter what, and Ivikas footage holds up in every regard. Shes stylish, she steps to big stuff and shes not afraid to slam, and really, thats what its all about when trying to take it to the next level. Peep her part and tell us thats not ROTY material. The question remains, though: How does it stack up compared to Jills footage and Julias results? Youll find out on December 15th.

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