Yesterday by Bryan Fox

Snowboarding and surfing are born from the same simple formula. But somehow, their cultures found a way to grow apart. They spawned different industries. Different ideals. Different concepts of how things should work at pretty much every level.

These days, though, things are changing. There are more snowboarders taking an interest in surfing and more surfers taking an interest in snowboarding. And suddenly, the cultures seem closer than ever.

Bryan Foxs latest project, Yesterday, is a good representation of that. The film features three road trips in three different countries, a lot of pure snowboarding and even one quick wave.

And as far as the riding goes, his overall message was resounding just because something is simple doesnt mean it cant be highly enjoyable.

I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, Bryan said. I picked three locations, got some friends together and went on these road trips looking for good snow. In the end, I hope it just makes people want to have some fun and go riding with their homies.


Featuring: Austen Sweetin, Griffin Siebert, Alex Yoder
Shot on location in: Japan, Portland, New Zealand.
Filmed & edited: Joe Carlino.
Original score: Piers Baron.
Presented by Quiksilver

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