The full movie from 1817 just dropped! And in spirit of the news cycle, we haven’t had time to properly watch it before posting, but we are going to do it anyway. If we know the Minnesota crew like we think we do, we put our 100% backing behind this one to be an absolute hammer. It looks like the 1817 fellas have moved out of their park at Buck Hill and into the streets. We now know what we are doing today on our lunch break. Feel free to hit us up and tell us what you think.

“No sponsors, no money, no predetermined rider list, and no contractually obligated Instagram posts. This movie was made because a group of friends wanted to make something that even attempted to capture the humble, and unique of it’s kind, Minnesota snowboard scene.

This movie is dedicated to full time jobs, rope tows, East St. Paul, Plymouth, scraping snow at every spot, -50° days when the winch still runs, to spot pizzas, to Duluth, to Trollhaugen, to Skudda mansion, to Eddington’s bottomless soup bowl. To Chad Otterstrom, to Micah Mcginnity, to Mike Casanova (Hudson counts as Minnesota). And to all the loyal ghouls.”Riley Erickson

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