2009 Billabong Air and Style Highlight Video

The mother of all stadium jump contests is back! The Air and Style has left Munich and returned to Innsbruck. The 2009 Billabong Air and Style lived up to all the previous events and then some. All the heavy hitters were there to throw down in an attempt to take home the cash.

Watch the videos above to make your own judgements, but some serious snowboarding was thrown down.

2009 Billabong Air and Style Results:

1. Marko Grilc
2. Peetu Piiroinen
3. Andreas Wiig
4. Iouri Podlatchikov
5. Eero Ettala
6. Werner Stock
7. Elias Elhardt
8. Torstein Horgmo
9. Antti Autti
10. Marc Swoboda
11. Chas Guldemond
12. Stefan Gimpl
13. Risto Mattila
14. Tim Humphreys
15. Travis Rice
16. Gigi Rüf