2013 Analog Team Video

The Analog Team has a hell of a lot of depth between its four riders. Nic Sauve, Austen Sweetin, and Zak Hale are easily street standouts (though their abilities don’t stop there) with a plethora of video parts and photos under their belts. In 2013, they wowed with parts in Déjá Vu, Nation, and Burton presents STREET Snowboarding, respectively. Mikkel Bang has one of the most recognizable jumping styles in snowboarding and has a list of podiums to his name, in addition to serious backcountry chops. While each individual on this team hails from a very different region and has a unique sense of style and trick selection, they all share a smooth, yet explosive nature to their riding regardless of terrain, making for an eclectic, but cohesive group. Enjoy the 2013 Analog team video, which showcases these four riders doing what they do best.