2014 Lib Tech Holy Bowly at Park City – VIDEO

Not since an older US Open or Superpark has a snowboard event seen such a large gathering of a wide variety of styles, ability and status. Once again the Lib Tech Holy Bowly blessed our traveling tribe of shredders with an unbelievable time. Attracting all the right riders in the world, the gathering of the Holy Bowly made it tough to turn away from the action because when you weren’t riding yourself, you wanted to watch literally everyone that dropped. From legends like Jaime Lynn, Chris Roach, Russell Winfield, Bjorn Leines, Mikey Leblanc, Temple Cummins, Wes Makepeace and Seth Huot to transition-killing Bowly alumni like Scott Blum, Jake OE, Forest Bailey, Jesse Burtner, Kazu Kokubo, Ted Borland, Alex Lopez, Sam Taxwood, Austin Hironaka, and Harrison Gordon to first timers like Chris Bradshaw, Laura Hadar, Scotty Arnold, Bode Merrill, Danny Kass, Stevie Bell, Matt Edgers, Tim Eddy, Sage Kotsenburg, Griffin Seifert, Lucas Magoon and so so many more, Krush and Park City’s Bowl drew everyone into its transitions and spit them out into the massive parking lot hangs in the afternoon to the tunes of Jamie Lynn, and Wes Makepeace’s band Tittyfish. This is the 2014 Holy Bowly, This is snowboarding.

Video features interviews with the likes of Chris Roach, Jamie Lynn, Pat Moore, Andy “The Dog” Coghlan, Jesse Burtner, Sam Taxwood, Ripzinger and many more.

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